How Prude Are You? Oh La La, I See A B..T, A P…Y, Some B…S and Even A D..K

A couple of weeks ago I started to go to the gym. After my daily working out I head downstairs to take a shower , use the sauna and then shower again. It is interesting to observe how people act in the locker room.

I was raised in a family where nudity was not a problem at all. Since we were children, my brother and I used to be in the bathroom with our parents and once in a while even walking around the apartment naked.

While growing up and going to the gym, swimming pool or being at the locker room during the high school years, I got even more used to be without clothes in front of other people.

In the dressing room, some people seem to get more or less uncomfortable when they undress or put their clothes back. I guess that it is not a matter of gender, but of being more or less prude.

Due to that, people struggle to put their underwear and bra on while still being covered with a big towel that protect their precious organs. However, in the meantime all the voyeurs do what everybody does: peek at others, look at who has a better part of the body or fantasize about that person.

Some days ago, I was in the locker room and two other guys were there as well. One person and I, still dressed, were about to start our workout while another just finished and was getting rid of those sweated habiliments. It was funny to see how the still dressed guy was observing the naked one, pretending not to look at him. Well, the man without clothes on had a great body and for the first time I saw what we, Italians, define as the “culo a mandolino”.

I am definitely happy that I do not have to hide myself. I do not care about how big or small my genital organs are. Well, although bigger is always better than smaller, it is also a matter of how you can use your jewels. If it were for me, I would just walk outside naked and be an Adam pacing my feet on this world.

Take off your clothes, f..k discretion, just show what you have. At the end, it is just a locker room, you are not on 5th Avenue during rush hours.



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