Strength, Knowledge, Fallibility, Understanding

Strength is not only a matter of how big your muscles are. The heart is considered a muscle too and I guess that even the brain is somehow. As a consequence even these organs can be more or less strong.

Notwithstanding, between the brain and the heart, which one is stronger? And at the end, all comes from the brain: the good and the bad. So it is definitely this part of our bodies that we should blame or praise for either the negative and positive consequences of our choices.

Besides, there is the fact that nothing is black and white and life is a very interesting experience with many different shadings. As much as we may have some strong or weak opinions on more or less important matters, sooner or later our perspective will be destined to change lightly or deeply. It may be just that we add a hint of a new color or that we would use the full can of one or more tones.

Consequently, life is a path that would never be the same, but that is consistently subject to transitions and new developments. So it is never completely true when we say that our existences repeat themselves because there are always new elements and people in them.

Let’s always embrace reality and live it as much as we can. This without losing ourselves because we are the roots of our essence: extensions that look for grounding and stability.



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