50 Shades Of Grey


Today, I finally went to see the movie 50 Shades Of Grey by myself. After having heard many different comments about it, I was not sure what to expect.

Generally speaking I liked the movie and I disagree with those who told me that there was not a plot in it. Of course, it is not a spectacular movie, but it is well done.

As to the soundtrack, it is just great and I have nothing negative to comment about it.

The spectators at the movie theater caught my attention. The majority of them were women and not so young but mostly middle-aged. It was quite funny when the main male character took out his shirt and the audience started to positively comment about his body.

As to the sexual aspect, I did not find at all very sexual, not a porno at all, and just a bit erotic. The playroom was quite interesting and certainly I would like to have something like that as well because after all sex is definitely one of the main pleasures of life and so stupidly condemned. If only people let their sexual drive breathe, they will be much more satisfied and less stressed.

Now, my dilemma is about reading or not the books. Some people referred to them as garbage, written in a very poor English and not worthy. Well, I guess that I will give the first one a try. After all, I cannot always read only the Classics, Self-Help, and Post-Modern tomes.

Since we do not just only make love, or at least not all the times I will conclude as Christian Grey said in the movie,”I don’t make love. I fuck… hard.”



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