It Is You



Well, at age 42 it is probably not too late.

Six years ago I moved from “Bella Italia”, the city of Verona, yes the Romeo&Juliet one, to the “City of Angels”. From being a bookkeeper I changed my career into a ESL and Italian teacher. I work my butt sharing my knowledge and promoting both my language as well as the one I acquired. 

Being a teacher is gratifying as well as tiring. There are several satisfactions in the classroom and sometimes some annoying stressful situations to handle. Well, I guess as nothing comes for free, nothing cannot all be just bright. 

However, let’s go to the financial aspect. You would think that working as a teacher you should be paid more, but that is not the case at all. These schools make tons of money and you, as a teacher, bring home just some crumbs. 

As in any other professions, some days are better than others or the opposite. The question is, “Do I want to be a teacher all my life?” Well, I guess I already answered to myself. Of course, I will have to transit to whatever is next step by step. As everybody who lives and works in this society, there are still bills to be paid and duties to be fulfilled. 

Certainly, in the meantime I would do my best as always. I still   cherish my students and offer them as much as I could of my time and my knowledge. 

What is next I do not know for sure. However, it has to be connected to the Arts because that is a real passion above all. 

In this fucking society, all that matters is the “Ka-Ching” and art is becoming less and less relevant, unless it is a source of more money as well.



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