Nowadays, I am reading an interesting book, “Passionate Marriage”, written by a famous therapist, David Schnarch. The author presents several cases to talk about the lack of intimacy, the frustrations, the expectations, the disappointments and the dynamics of sex in married couples that can be applied also to other monogamous ones.

Unfortunately, it frequently happens to hear stories about couples who give up on sex, feel frustrated about their sex lives in marriage. Some partners decide eventually to see a therapist, others visit a local sexy shop to buy some toys that may boost their bed lives. Certain people live day by day, more or less expecting that a miracle will happen or just focusing on other aspects of their existences: children, career, hobbies. But it is like with food and other pleasures of life, is it really worth it not to have a slice of pizza or maybe a full one?  

The book is divided in three sections: 

– The Basics;

– Tools For Connection;

– Observations On The Process.

Clearly, every person is different. However, we can definitely see a bit of us in some of the patients that this therapist helped and advises every day. 

Daily, we learn something new and I think that this book can be helpful to work on our growth. The book focuses on one important aspect on which all of us should concentrate. That is to gain confidence, build and improve our self-esteem.

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