Being Your Own Cuckoo

Nobody cannot really enter in our brain and understand how we feel. Sometimes, it is even difficult and impossible to ourselves to detect and analyse our thoughts. In addition, individuals have to deal with the fact that life is such a perennial growth and consistent challenge.

Consequently, people are here and there losing it and be a little cuckoo. Of course some human beings are already crazy, but others will become one or increase their level of craziness.   Human beings take medications, meditate, get addicted to legal and illegal substances as well as to certain behavioral attitudes in order to balance their level of sanity.

Unfortunately or maybe luckily for them, some individuals start doing certain actions that will cause a state of bewilderment in others. Some people start screaming, talking to themselves, to objects like it were the most common habit. And so that makes us wonder if that is actually a good, possible solution to human beings’ issues. 

Should we all adopt these types of behaviors? And as a consequence, are we willing to see how people react to this new “us”? Well, at the very end, how much do we really care about what other individuals think? As a matter of fact, we are all dealing with our cuckooness individually and uniquely.


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