Gay Pride 2015

Yesterday there was the Weho Gay Pride/Parade. People were strolling on Santa Monica Blvd with many different expectations for the day. This year it seemed quieter and with less naked people than usual. Of course there were some adventurous ones who were showing more or less their jewels, backpacks or expanded bells.

Once again people were putting themselves out with a desire/need of validation from others. Some individuals were looking for an adventure, a make out session or something more, while others were just enjoying the extensive use of alcohol and drugs while dancing or stumbling.

Moreover, people were flirting with each other, touching other people’s groins. It is well known that this society is based on sex and certainly the gay pride was an opportunity for some of these beings to be more or less experimental. 

However, at the end it all goes to a man’s need for love, attention, affection. There is a difference between love and sex, as one singer said, and not all the time we understand that we could have both of them with one person. 



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