My Friday started with this big news from the Supreme Court of the United States of America, the place where I have been living for the last six years. What happened today is a big step towards equality and this country has shown the world that a change is actually possible. Now everybody: all the couples can actually get married and have the same rights in front of the law.

My day continued with some other, usual jokes about gay people in the ESL class that I teach. I repeated another time how it was not acceptable to make these types of jokes and comments and that the students should be careful about what they said in and outside the classroom. Some people nodded while others probably did not even perceive my words because of their cultural stubbornness and ideology.

Well, I want to focus on the positive aspect of the day like I always try to do even when I am not in a good mood but I still smile and be nice to friends, acquaintances, and strangers.

Let’s celebrate this big success and who knows? Hopefully, this will bring consistent changes in some countries like my native one, Italy, and on some retrograde minds who persist in their homophobic attitudes and thoughts.



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