Those Sad Faces

Sleepy, sad, uncomfortable faces fill the bus and the streets in an attempt to make a living day by day.

First of all, waking up early to go through a city and towards jobs, that are not the real passions of people, is a hustle. Being away for a bunch of dollars just because you need to make a living is not such a great incitement for getting up.

Secondly, when individuals were born, their parents had different visions about their children’s futures. Certainly, a small percentage of these everyday crowds are kinda of happy about their existences. However, generally speaking and observing these faces, it is not excitement that pops up.

Last but not the least, being surrounded by a lot of people, maybe standing and unstablily risking to smash the face on the ground, is definitely not the greatest  experience of your day. To use a metaphor is like life in general where human beings try to keep a balance by recurring to many different supports (meditation, exercise, various substances, sex and more) while on the bus they lean on others or grab more or less firmly steel bars in order to keep their stability.

In conclusion, there is a sort of counterbalance in the fact that these sleepy, sad and uncomfortable faces can actually stand on their feet; they are supposedly quite healthy and would probably have occasions for laughing and enjoying during their work days.



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