Friendship Is All

In an era in which what matters is how many followers you have on Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter, on the “friends” on your Facebook and any other social network you may have, it seems less and less important to be actually there for your real friends.

Many people talk and utter a lot of words, but actually just a fews are there for their friends for real. Quinto Ennio, Roman poet, writer and historian, once said, “Il vero amico si rivela nella situazioni difficili.” The translation sounds like saying that the true friend appears to be in tough situations.

It often occurs that people are surrounded by friends when it is time to celebrate, when the good events and luck are around. However, when the wheel of fortune takes another spin and goes on the wrong spot, many of those alleged friends suddenly disappear and flee away.

Well, since life is a lesson, the handful palm of friends becomes a scattered one. Notwithstanding at least some important, good ones are still present and they will consistently be there for you.

Cheers to that!



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