New Enlightenment


Yesterday a friend took me to try hot yoga and not only I had the opportunity to experience something new, but I also got some inspirational facts from the instructor.

First of all, it was hot, really hot. I love the heat and I rarely complain about it. Of course I was still okay with the temperature; especially because every single day I have to deal with another thermal condition: the fucking air conditioning. I really hate it and it is not really a stereotype, but a truth that Americans love it and do not understand that you are only supposed to adjust it, only a few degrees lower than the external temperature. Right now I am on a bus that resembles a cellar in a supermarket. I guess the transportation system is trying to offer an additional service that is “frozen temperature to preserve your youth”.Secondly, it is well known that yoga is an ancient technique that help your mind and your body to stay young or at least not to age as a normal being would do without it. The first twenty minutes were a bit critical because working out in a hot room full of dripping bodies, some even attractive, is not so easy. We all know that yoga is about being spiritual and focus on the soul. However, the heat stimulates your sexual drive and you are almost tempted to switch from yoga to something else. The instructor was really helpful in pushing the class to move our thoughts to something more elective and God-related. In fact, she pointed out how our body is mainly the carrier of our soul and human beings are partly animal and partly an image of God. It is our mission in life to choose which part to nourish more. On one hand, we can decide to let our instinctual side take over: eat too much, drink excessively, get different addictions, be a sex slave, etc. ZOn the other hand, there is the possibility to elevate, be a “perfect” image of God and in order to achieve hat we will have to orientate our energy to our soul. 

Lastly, the instructor surprised me referring to the equality between men and women, to LGBT, racial and religious beliefs. The ultimate idea is that none of the above-mentioned points matter in life because human beings are all the same; there is no difference and people, who do believe in the existence of them, got it all wrong. 

In conclusion, I learned a lot from all this experience, I sweated a lot, I eliminated many toxins of my body, I elevated myself to a higher dimension in my path life towards the divinity. However, that elevation and spirituality did not last very long because since I got in the locker room my animalistic side took over and focused on the falling “sausages” and “watermelons” that were waking around. I guess that my sexual drive is still very high and my hormones are just fighting with God!


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