Never Lose the Kid in You

I guess that everyone somehow and sometimes feels like he or she never actually grew up. In all the battles that every day we have to fight for, there are some moments when we feel like children again. It is such an incredible sensation and it makes you feel that no matter what the opinion people create of you is, there is still such a revealing message that you are good; you are not that bad person you and others may sometimes think of your identity.

It may happen when you play with other kids and you let yourself go so completely that you lose all of your adult features. Other times it is when you, bewildered and fascinated, look at a a beautiful sunset or dawn or listen to a fun, touching song. Furthermore when you free yourself of any constrictions, judgements and you just honestly live life through the eyes of a child. During yoga I often feel like my body is floating no matter how hard some poses can be. I get into a child pose and embrace the idea that goes behind it. I feel protected, without boundaries and like an open book.

It is fascinating, encouraging and lovely to think that inside of you, there is still the essence of a youngster who loves life and people in such a pure way.



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