Gender Bender & Sexual Orientation

Once upon a time there was a boy, or a girl, or who the fuck actually cares. 2017 is the year or it should be when no one really focuses on the gender or the sexual orientation of a person. In an ideal world, people wouldn’t go around wondering about the gender classification and the sexual orientation of a person. Paradoxically, individuals still do and for many different reasons. 

You are in the middle of an ESL class when in a corner you hear some students whispering and questioning about your sexual orientation. Is this lesson related? Do you also want to know how many times I usually use the restroom per day? What else do you want to find out about me? This brings you back in time when as a kid, you were bullied cuz you liked to play with girls, did ballet and even had a Barbie. Certainly, your skin got thicker after years of being mocked: called by different names except yours, laughed at when you were walking in the corridor of the school or when you were entering a place or you were just walking around the city. These are just a few of all the hundred times you even wonder if your life was worth it. That embarrassment and uncomfortable sensation are far gone, but people still care about who you are. 

Oscar Wilde once said, “there is only thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”

At the end of the day life goes on and you know what I was born like that, middle finger in the air!!

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