Bye bye Lazise

It was the last shot of Lazise. But I will be back. I don’t know why, but I will. And I will have some other moments to remember. This is just a bye bye not an “addio”.



I want to see you, lake


I want to see the lake. I missed it so so much. Let me get this street and finally see it again with my eyes and not just on a picture. It was good to take some pictures with my sisters and enjoy the view before running away because it was starting to rain.



Lazise or the “Enchanting village” with my sisters


I love the village of Lazise. No matter if you get here because of the beautiful castle, the shopping or because you want to stop by for  a coffee, a gelato or some good fish of the lake, it is always a great reason to come here. I adore the little streets of this village. They remind me of some of the streets in Venice, but without that disgusting smell. Lazise is such a composition of things all together; it is fun for children, young, elderly people. I have many good memories of this village and of the breathtaking “passeggiata” along the lake.

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

My friends and I were walking back to Bardolino from Garda and that tree was staring at us. So my friends suggested me to experience something new. They told me to hug the tree because it is a way to communicate with it. I have to say that I did it. I felt stupid at the beginning and I do not know if I am going to hug other trees. Imagine that you are walking in your neighborhood and once in a while you stop for hugging a tree. People would think you are a weird person. Well, there are many in this world, maybe one more would not make any difference.

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