The Iron Big Brother

Oh!!! The Tour Eiffel is something incredibly stunning and genial. You walk in the streets of Paris and if you raise your head to the sky, here it is. It is like a Big Brother looking at you, observing where you go; it can probably even read what you think and sends you messages with its power.

The first time I got to Paris in October 2004 I “climbed'” the Eiffel Tower. It was a cloudy day, not so cold, but chilly. And once I reached the top, the view amazingly bewildered me and fascinated me. For a few minutes, I forgot the bad feelings, the anger and the anxiety that were dominating my body back in those days. So I was just captured by the beauty that this tall, skinny tower was offering me. Around me I could see a city where people stepped their lives on for many centuries. 

It was a wonderful, full-immersion in the power of Paris and that was offered me by this iron Big Brother.


My bff and I!

The second time that I visited Paris was in June 2008 and it was definitely a better time than the previous one, back in October 2004. I cannot say that even the first time I was not captured by the beauty of the city. However, it was my mood and the company I had that did not give me the chance to appreciate completely its beauty and the romance which this city is well-known for.

But, as I previously said, the second time was much, much better. First of all, I had the chance to meet my pretty, lovely and very sweet bff. I have to thank you facebook for letting the two of us meet at first and later on have the chance to build such a strong friendship. This was not a liaison dangereux, but just a blessing for the two of us. A friendship,that started by just adding each other to facebook, developed into something, that by using a French word, I would define incroyable. Still now, we are the best bff and we will be forever. 

For some people it would sound silly, that a person who is almost 4o years old still talk about bff and think that a relationship with a person who lives in another city, and right now also in another continent, could be considered as important as we do. Well, to us it is not silly at all. We are there for each other, we love each other, we understand each other and share every single detail of our lives.

I chose to put the picture of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame because that is the place where we met for the first time. I still vividly remember the anxiety mixed with joy that I felt about meeting my bff for the first time. She was my Cicerone and she showed me some beautiful places and great locations of the charming Paris. We had a great time full of laughter, confidences and much, much joy. 

 I Love You W.