How Many Likes

The Voice: “keep doing your shit”.

You: “where am I heading to?”

The Voice: “no worries about the outcome. Just think about how many artists just did it without being acclaimed while alive!”

You: “every second I have a new idea. My creativity has no limits: what about this and that? And what about the fact that all that matters is how many likes you get?.

The Voice: “I told you: stop it! Even if you don’t get all the likes you would expect, you still rock!”

You: “ok, I’ll zip it. One last thing: thank you! You are my greatest fan!!”


Support the Loved Ones

In an ideal world and utopistic one, people and not just regular ones but the loved ones should be supportive and be there to encourage you.

It is a well-known truth that the first person who should believe in you is totally and ultimately yourself, the one that you see in the mirror every morning when you rise and every evening when you turn your switch off. 

However, the family you belong to, the one you’ve chosen and the friends who surround you should be your greatest fans. It is up to them to encourage you day by day, step by step. 

To a better present and future with a circle of positive supporters and not anyone bearing a grudge.

Are you part of my tribe?

We all talk and talk about love, being at peace and in harmony with one another. However, every day we act like we are totally going towards the other direction. Recently, something happened to me and that makes me realize that I have to choose my tribe. So bye bye or as French would say, “adieu”.


Dorian:A Broken Heart
Pain pain pain

Such a broken heart

Insane insane insane

I cannot feel my heart
You came inside

So calmly

You flew outside

So swiftly
We cry you out of our hearts

But the memory of you 

Stays as darts

And aches so bad because of you.
We’ll get stronger

Cuz of sufferance

Which is wider

And gives us a chance 
I still feel your heartbeat

It was so quiet

Let it rest in peace

And be in unison with my part