The beach, not the bitch, or as French called it, “la plage”, is where Love is or at least should be!

While spending many hours at the beach in Cap-Ferret, I bumped on many couples that were probably taking some time-off from their jobs, cities, towns or villages and spend time there.

Looking at the pictures that I took back to those days, and in particular to the ones that are in this post, some questions and considerations about love pop up in my head. In the song “Mille e giorni di te e di me” of the Italian singer, Claudio Baglioni, one of the passages says,

“…andando via così
come la nostra prima scena
solo che andavamo via di schiena
incontro a chi
insegneremo quello che
noi due imparammo insieme…”

The translation of the above-mentioned passage would sound like that, going away like in our first scene. But we were going the same way giving our back to the world, whom we are going to teach the things we learned together. Like in the picture of the post, one couple is walking together, holding hands. They have for sure a present to share and they could have a future. Would their relationship last forever? And especially would their love last until the day they die? Would they get older and be together on a beach, maybe with a new member added to their family like in the other picture? Or would they be destined, as in Baglioni‘s song, to follow separate and different paths.

Love is more or less a mystery to many of us. It is a common topic of discussion, reading, therapy sessions. Many of us had different experiences involving various levels of love. Well, actually are there numerous different levels of love? Is there a big difference between being in love and love someone?

There are theories about love. We assume that when love is involved, the heart is in the equation as well. Or to be realistic it is the brain that governs all. Many manuals guide the readers to the right path that they should follow in order to find love.  But as in all the different aspects of life, I guess there are also various ways to hit the target.

Everybody, more or less are in love or were in love. Is it the first love more important or the same as the following loves? Should we listen more to our hearts or our brains? In other words, should we be emotional or rational, or a bit of both? How does it work? Is there in our brains a switch that we turn on and off as much as we do with a light switch? Or is it more like with the switch of the oven? We can turn it on and/or off, but at the same time set a temperature and higher and/or lower it? How much is this a result of our brains, feelings and sensations?

Furthermore, is it ok to sacrifice yourself for love? And to what degree would you sacrifice yourself for love?  I heard stories of people who were and are okay, or at least allowed and still grant their partners to beat them or verbally mistreat them. The past experiences that certain people had, their low self-esteem, the “desperate” need of being loved, push these same individuals to be stucked in very dangerous, toxic relationships. 



A day of nature, sun, talking, tasting, relax and fun!

During my stay at the hostel in Cap-Ferret, I had the chance to meet some more or less interesting people. In that period of time I was not really interested in getting to know somebody for a “particular” reason, yes not that type of reason. However, since I am a friendly person and I am always interested in sharing moments with other people, I was open to be talkative, to share sometime with some folks and, who knew, maybe even to make new friends.

I have to say that, although I studied French for many years and I can communicate, to be fluent and confident in yourself is totally a different thing. I want to master this language even more in the future and if not being like a native-speaker at least to be able to speak faster and more naturally. But no matter what, during the time that I spent there I tried to talk as much as I could. It’s funny because since I have lived in L.A., and it’s for about 4 years, many people asked me if I am French. I tried to understand the reasons why and I even asked some of the people who had asked me why they had thought I was French. Some of them said it is because of my accent, others mentioned the way I dressed. Do not get me wrong, I do not mind that people think that I am French. I love France for many different reasons: my bff is French, the language, the wine, the cheese, the culture and much more. At least, I wish I could speak like a French person, probably one day!

Going back to my sojourn in Cap-Ferret, my usual day was to get up around 9/10 in the morning. Go to the common kitchen and prepare my breakfast, a caffelatte with cereals or some bread with jam. During one of those mornings, I got to meet this parisienne woman on her late ’50s. And while having breakfast, we decided to spend the day together by heading to a new beach called “La Pointe” where it was possible to have a great view of the “Dune du Pilat“. The parisienne woman, that I am going to call Sophie, had been in the area before and showed me around the area. It was nice to have my own personal chaperone. But the greatest thing about Sophie was her interesting life. She was a sort of artist, she owned a boutique somewhere in Paris and she had travelled a lot in her life. She had come to the States several years before and had lived here for a while working in the fashion business. She had totally that bohemien/hippie style, a very easy-going personality and a lot of stories to tell. One of them was the fact that even though her son and daughter had tried to convince her not to do it, she did it. Yes, she had left Paris and headed to Cap-Ferret hitchicking. She told me about the different people who had given her a lift; most of them were young people. I think she had been brave, adventurous and a bit crazy. However, she confessed that it was not her first time. She had done that before either in Europe and in the States.

After a long day at the beach during which we talked about our lives, got some great tan, bathed in warm, clean, wavy water, ate some sandwiches, drank a lot of water to satisfy our thirsty tongues, took great pictures of people and of the nature, we decided that it was about time to treat ourselves. How did we do that? Well, we went to one of those little farms/restos where we had some juicy, tasty, amazing oysters served with glasses of champagne. We cheered to our lives, to the present and to the future; we rested our tanned bodies admiring the bay, listening to the sound of the water, the wind and then started again to chitchat and laugh.

Thank you Sophie for the great day. I wonder how you are doing and if I am going to see you again. This is for you for the great, fun, interesting day we spent together in the beautiful, friendly atmosphere of Cap-Ferret!

Discovering the South of France, what a beautiful place where to live!


Back in July 2008, I went for about ten days to the South of France. I started my adventure taking a train from Verona to Venice, Italy. Once I got to Venice, I had to walk through several calle to reach the bus station where I caught the bus that was going to the airport.

My first stop was Bordeaux, but just for taking another bus that would have brought me to the amazing, beautiful village of Cap-Ferret. I have to say that being a guy, who’s lived all his life in a town, I stupidly brought a lot of stuff that I did not need at all. And more stupidly, I carried it in a big trolley that was not that comfortable to carry around.

Once I got to Cap-Ferret, I got a little bit lost and I could not find the hostel where I was supposed to stay in. After walking around and asking for a ride, because I was totally lost, I finally got to it. At the very beginning, I was kind of disappointed because I discovered that I had to sleep with about ten other people under a tent for a week and to put my stuff under my bed without the possibility to lock it; would have I found it the next day after having been all day at the beach? That was my thought before going to bed. It looked like going to the army; and I’ve never even gone to.

The 1st night was pretty tough because not having any ear plugs, I was woken up several times by people snoring and\or farting; I know it is gross, but it is mother nature, lol. So no matter what was going to happen, the next day I will have to buy some ear plugs that were going to save my sleep for the next 6 nights.

But despite the horrible night, the second day was just about amazing. The ocean was waiting for me and it was a blast! Of course, like a fanatic of the sun I spent several hours between a sunbathe and a real one in the water. Well, actually I cannot count how many of both I really had. But there was nothing more relaxing than the time spent by myself, lulled by the wind, the sun and the water at the same time; all the forces of the nature were there surrounding me, taking care of me and guiding me in some unforgettable moments.

The next days were full of new adventures. There was some time to bike for like hours through the forests on the pistes-cyclables smelling the intense, amazing scent of the hundreds of different trees  that guided me to some gigantic, mysterious dunes; and these latter ones would offer me a stunning view of an ocean that was calling my name. And of course, I could not answer to that call with a no even though I knew that after bathing my body in that clear water I would have to climb a hill pushing the bike on the sand. But it was more than worth it; it was just  unforgettable and unique.

To be continued…