Your Heart

C’est un plaisir
Ce sont des gouttes salées
Qui glissent dans ton dos.
Ils te massent et
Te font trembler
Ton corps est si vif,
Ta tête est presque perdue.

Ton cœur bat au rythme
De chaque bisou,
Les mains se cherchent
Et quand elles se touchent
La chaleur augmente
Et aussi ta confidence.
Les mains vont donc à la recherche
Des autres mystères et
Tout devient un feu.

Les flammes vous embrassent
Et il n’y a que vous dans l’univers.




Sweet Edoardo (AKA Edo)


My nephew just turned 10 at the end of June. He is very sweet, extremely intelligent kid. He is also very cute and I love him dearly. Of course, it is difficult to be in contact with him because being still so young he does not have any social medias. Actually, you know what?! Let me call him …

It’s just for me this time! But you can have it, too!


Today, I finally got this t-shirt that I ordered a while ago. This is the first one that I created for myself and not for somebody else. The picture was taken while I was in Cancun, Mexico, last month. It was a very relaxing vacation and I certainly would like to be there right now.

Well, all the good things end, but supposedly there will be some more coming my way.

I want to make my t-shirts a product that is exclusive and unique so this image will not appear on other items. However, if somebody is interested on any of my pictures, do not hesitate to ask me for having it printed on t-shirts, canvas bags and/or many other materials.

For my sister Annalisa!


April 17th was the birthday of my sister Annalisa. She and I were both born in 1972, I’m just few months younger 😉 Chiara, Francesca, Annalisa and I called our group of friends/siblings “San Zenati”. The name comes from San Zeno, the saint of my city, Verona. Annalisa is a sweet, smart, perfectionist and lovely woman. We share a great love for literature, for the Arts in general and for everything that belongs to the Anglo-Saxon world. Unforgettable, it’s our adventure in the beautiful London when starving we used to steal food from our host’s fridge (actually, it wasn’t a real thievery because we paid for everything, lol). We studied languages in the same university, supported each other in some tough moments of our lives, laughed, experienced life and we love each other. It doesn’t matter how far she is, because she’s in my heart. I gave her a tee with a picture of a dog because she loves animals and some months ago she finally got her own little puppy. I love you Annalisa!

For my sister Francesca!


April 10th was my sister Francesca’s birthday. Francesca is Chiara’s sister and we all grew up in the same street. Francesca is three years older than I. We have a lot of things in common: a passion for Gucci accessories, the same high-school, hundreds of amazing memories, many incredible adventures. But probably the greatest of all is our passion for the sun, the beach, the sea and the summer. We are two lizards for sure. That’s why I sent this t-shirt to her for her birthday. I took this picture in Venice Beach a couple of months ago. I love you my dear sister Francesca!