Music, I Love You

“True love You’re the one I’m dreaming of Your heart fits me like a glove And I’m gonna be true blue Baby, I love you …”

~ Madonna


Knock You Down

It was another night in the village and the crew was heading out for some spirit. Well, a couple of liquids had already been poured, sipped and thrown away in the latrine. The energy was moving around like beats of music; some were strong, uplifting ones while others had a sound of a sad, blue vibration.

People started to mingle like they had known each other for years. Other beings were observing, considering, opening and closing themselves at the same time. There was a wizard, too. He was magically reading people’s minds and analyzing their actions. The wizard started to talk to the little man who was purposely isolating himself for a minute. Questions were posed to the little man and he was trying to conceal his thoughts, but the powerful wizard could perceive everything that was forcefully captivated in his mind.

The wizard went away and the little man felt a sort of relief after hearing his voice. However, a sort of discomfort was pumping in the little man’s heart and different feelings were struggling inside him. The best solution seemed to escape from that environment and be able to unmask himself completely.

Notwithstanding, the little man chose to stay and his persistence was transforming in a sort of anger. This latter was increasing consistently and turning in a sort of fierce attack towards a specific person in the room. This individual was menacing his own world and the little man could not allow that. On one hand, his instincts were pushing him to react and be a brave knight fighting, not with swords yet with bare hands and fists, but on the other hand, his mind, his inner peaceful nature guided him and took him to a much more calmness state.

The night was coming to an end or had to finish before something outrageous could happen. The little man walked outside the tavern. The night was over and Morpheus was about to act properly on the little man to make him find ease and rest in his big bed.

The Power of Music


Some days ago I ran into a quote on facebook by a dead musician. His name was Mitch Lucker and he was part of a band called “Suicide Silence”. This musician/singer who was born in 1984 died in 2012 in a motorbike accident. Apparently, as his wife stated, he was drunk when he left their home and got into his deadly accident. Before reading his quote, I never heard about him probably because of the genre of music he was into: deathcore.

Notwithstanding the citation could sound a little controversial, especially due to the way he died, I really like it and it makes sense to me. Here it is,

“Keep listening to music, ’cause it gets you through everything, I promise.”

What do you think about music? Well, what I suppose is that I cannot live without music. I love many different types of music, I like to sing even though I am not Tina Turner or Luciano Pavarotti. There are rare moments during the day when I do not have some music playing in the background or over the sound of any other things in this world. Yes, I love music and I truly believe that it can get you through everything; supposedly even death. It would definitely be better to die listening to your favorite tune than in the silence or the noise of this world.