Next …

When your mind is so full of creativity and you just have to find your way or someone, not only yourself who believes in you …

I am sure all of us had some moments when we questioned ourselves about the next step to make in order to feel more gratified. Some times it is not even that but more deeply to actually wonder about the reason why we should even care about doing more. 

In the past I believed that as long as I had money to pay bills, buy expensive clothes and do something fun, I was ok. I remember that once a person read my handwriting and she pointed out the fact that I had a lot of potential and that I should just venture mysel more.

Over 8 years ago I changed continent and of course I had to deal with all the bureaucratic system and to find a new way of supporting myself in the new environment. I found something that is way more exciting than what I used to do. 

No matter that, I still question myself and I have been working on my inner, spiritual essence. In the last two years I have progressed deeply, but there is always a sort of dissatisfaction that pushes me to do more, makes me complain about myself, and try something new. However, with the excitement comes also the fear but most of all the big question? What the heck am I doing this when all I want is maybe just to be naked at the beach? 

Somebody says that as long we have fun doing what we are doing, we are already on the right path. Day by day we get caught in a circle of interrogative sentences that nobody can answer but us. However, those questions will only find an answer when their time comes. 

Do things not for the outcome but for the pleasure. Am I writing this for me, for you or for whatsoever? I guess I’ll find out one day. 


The Sexual Poet, Tesaõ

‘Cuz you are hot
As hell is
With your legs spread open
Your big arms
Grab me
While you stick your tongue
In my mouth
And something else
Fill me till my belly.
Your caress is
Hard and gentle
At the same time.
You pull my hair
You slap my butt.
This is not hell
It is just like heaven
And you are the angel
Who is wisely playing
With my flesh.
Keep doing it
Because it really
Feels good.

1:10: How Horny Are You?

What makes you horny? When do you feel more sexually aroused? Morning? Afternoon? Night? Which seasons make you desire to have more sex? In a scale from one to ten, how would you grade your level of horniness?

I would say that to all the questions I can just answer all the time. I am a flame that starts to burn like fire, it does not matter where I am, what I am doing and how you touch me. As a consequence, I would say that my level of horniness is up to ten.

It feels like still being a teenager who wants to have sex all the time, even just for the good of it as we normally enjoy food and other pleasurable activities in our daily routine. I

In Italy, some people use to take a substance called “bromide” to calm themselves down.  Well, I have no intention to do it, but instead I am going to enjoy the continuous pulsations inside myself.

What about you? How horny are you?

What Do You Have To Prove?

People running around, sometimes surviving, other times having a more or less fabulous life. Of course, the ideal stage is to be waking up and not just be blessed because of it, but be ready for an adventurous day doing what you are passionate about. However, it is a great achievement that not all the human beings are able to reach in their lives. Ultimately, it is not a matter of how rich or poor you are, but instead of how much passion you have in your body.


Proximo A Mi: La Pulsación De La Vida


Es como aprender
Una otra vuelta
Todos los comportamientos,
Los besos y los abrazos.
Esta una energía 
Que se vuelve en tu cuerpo. 
Parece que tu memoria 
No puede olvidar
Como nosotros
Tocamos los nuestros cuerpos.
El miembro estaba túrgido 
Y la mano era exploradora 
Di tu reinado.
La prudencia, el respecto
Fueron nuestros enemigos
Y la estupidez no ha permitido
Nada mas.
De nuevo la miente
Se juega del cuerpo
Ma no se puede
Olvidar que nosotros
No somos por nosotros.
Estamos volviendo 
Ma debemos mirar
A el futuro 
Que claramente es muy incierto.
¿Quien sabe s
Nosotros vamos a unirse?
Dóname un mensaje 
No olvidarte de mi
No esta posible 
Que fuimos una sola aventura
Porque tu no lo sabe ma
Tu sangre esta en mi.
Sientes mi pulsación
Crece cuando 
Tu vienes próximo a mi
No di que no pruebes 
Una cosa si tal.

It Is You



Well, at age 42 it is probably not too late.

Six years ago I moved from “Bella Italia”, the city of Verona, yes the Romeo&Juliet one, to the “City of Angels”. From being a bookkeeper I changed my career into a ESL and Italian teacher. I work my butt sharing my knowledge and promoting both my language as well as the one I acquired. 

Being a teacher is gratifying as well as tiring. There are several satisfactions in the classroom and sometimes some annoying stressful situations to handle. Well, I guess as nothing comes for free, nothing cannot all be just bright. 

However, let’s go to the financial aspect. You would think that working as a teacher you should be paid more, but that is not the case at all. These schools make tons of money and you, as a teacher, bring home just some crumbs. 

As in any other professions, some days are better than others or the opposite. The question is, “Do I want to be a teacher all my life?” Well, I guess I already answered to myself. Of course, I will have to transit to whatever is next step by step. As everybody who lives and works in this society, there are still bills to be paid and duties to be fulfilled. 

Certainly, in the meantime I would do my best as always. I still   cherish my students and offer them as much as I could of my time and my knowledge. 

What is next I do not know for sure. However, it has to be connected to the Arts because that is a real passion above all. 

In this fucking society, all that matters is the “Ka-Ching” and art is becoming less and less relevant, unless it is a source of more money as well.