Music, I Love You

“True love You’re the one I’m dreaming of Your heart fits me like a glove And I’m gonna be true blue Baby, I love you …”

~ Madonna


Bye Bye Another Year, Welcome 2015

Let 2015 be glorious, full of self-confidence, love and respect.

Let love be as warm as the sun on a hot summer day.

Let the light of the sun be a guidance from God

to choose the right paths every day, every moment of this year.

And even when it will be very dark,

let the wisdom of your mind

and the tenderness of your soul

be the direction to your route.



Don’t Stop Your Creativity

I have totally to remind that to myself. Although life is crazy and it looks like you have no time for being creative, there is always a moment when you can let yourself go.

Today, I was walking back from a long morning already turned into an early afternoon, when I had to stop because I saw something interesting on the ground. Not, it was not something left by a dog, loool. At first, I had been almost tempted to just go and head quickly home. However, I stopped and set the object to be in a perfect light before capturing it in a shot.

This reminded me of something that occurred to me the previous day. I was on another walk to get some CDs from the library when I saw a photographer engaged in a photo shooting of a model. I have to say that I always wanted to be a model. Unfortunately, I guess due to my height, not tall enough, as well as to my age, I will never be one. So, what I thought is that I still can be a photographer somehow. Probably, I will not take photos of people, but mainly of things, panoramas and more.

Yes, I love being a teacher, but I also have another dream. Well, I should say more than once. Let’s see what I am going to accomplish.

Think big or at least think! Never stop your creativity!