Let’s Be Silly or Whatever

When you are too busy with your creativity there is no other space for other feelings. I don’t know if you feel the same but for me being silly is everything. I don’t think that you should spend a day without doing or saying something frivolous. It may only make you laughing; at least you chuckle and what is a life without giggling?


Fashionable “Troilus and Cressida” – 2nd Part


Continuing my previous post, it was back during my early teens that I was able to really buy and choose my own clothes. I have to say that I was kind of lucky because my usual weekly pocket money was not that bad so I was able to save some money to buy some nice, expensive clothes. It was back in those years that one of my classmates told me that one of the must was Ralph Lauren’s polos. I remember when my friend and I used to head to a well-known store called “Al Duca d’Aosta” in my hometown, Verona, and buy the polos that my friend saw on this rich Italian entrepreneur, Raul Gardini, on a magazine. How fancy it was for two sixteen-year old guys to buy clothes that some celebrities were actually wearing. Well, it is not a big of a deal to me now, but it definitely was back in those days. I recall that my addiction was so big that I had to buy a polo/shirt almost every other week. Later on, I gave all of them away after not having worn them for are several years. Oh well, I guess it is life!